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I have just returned from my daily run through the forest, had increased my pace to my limits and feel this very clearly in my muscles. That daily exercise in nature is very important to me, and I am happy to be able to continue my round in nature. There are differences in altitude there and now I take it with even greater speed. It has everything to do with rejuvenation. Jesus told me, it was time to get serious about it now.
That's not new to me either, I've been a vegetarian for over 50 years and I've been eating only organic for as long as it's possible. In 1975 I opened my first organic restaurant in Belgium. Two more would follow. I hike, swim and for fun I can walk up to 30 km on foot, apply the methods I received from Jesus and have for my age an amazing condition, much better than years ago, before I was lucky to be able to work with his most valuable techniques.

Now I know that in the fifth dimension, where we are heading to with Mother Earth, we will have gained full control over our physical body. By that time we can choose how old we want to look like. Now we're still a long way from that, but Jesus thinks it's time for me to take it a step further. He told me this:
Jesus: "I see you're following in my footsteps more and more. I bless you." He begins to cleanse my energy field. He removes the old, superfluous and sends a lot of love and energy to it. Then, "You will really grow old and you will be able to go a long and strong way. Do not concern yourself with old age, for that is not your priority. Only the energy you carry within you is important. You can still become younger if you build up enough energy to do so.
Then my soul interferes in the conversation: "I understand this," she says, "but how can I build up that energy? What about this rejuvenation process?"
Jesus: "There are three important points. First comes the nourishment, which must contain as much light as possible. Only very light and light-filled food is meaningful and valuable. Furthermore, the body needs sufficient exercise. This, to ensure a good digestion. The body needs to be moved daily in the fresh air. You should not exceed your limits, but approach your limits and perspire well, stretch the body well and bring it to pant. This is extremely valuable. The third point is the spiritual work. This means that you have to concern yourself with your own cells. This in the same way as I have explained to you to apply to the people who come to you for support in their processes. So it concerns working with the Light in the cell, but also reprogramming the nucleus of the cell. That new feeling of the cell nucleus gives her the ability to accept even the most violent body reactions. Subject your own will to God's will, as always. Submit to His Spirit.
This is how you bring the Light into the cells. As for the roots of a brain cell, these very strong pathways play no role in this process. Just focus on the core and you will see that little by little a whole new level is being created and your body is being withdrawn from the aging process. This aging process should be stopped as much as possible.


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And for that Love is needed. This Love for the Here and Now, this confidence in life, this full acceptance of everything that is, is of the utmost importance. I bless you" and he gives his energy to all my cells so that the new rejuvenation process can begin and be let go of everything that is no longer necessary and concludes with the words: "You will see that you are going into an even greater depth and observing the souls, the cells and the karmic processes will also be much better."
Jesus refers to the new healing technique, which he passed on to me. Jesus: "The healing power that is given to mankind is becoming stronger and stronger. The Christ Healing and Transformation Light touches the dark in the cells. The cell can then dissolve the dark. This transformation process begins in one cell and is then transmitted to the whole system. This is exactly how it works with people. Every person who moves will pass on his values to others just like a cell. This happens only through his BEING, and through his personal actions.