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Healing Hands - 4


The second step consists of working with two audio

recordings: the 'Meditation and Healing'

and the  'Violet Flame' recording.


These recordings came about through my collaboration with an American concert pianist. Together we gave "Healing Concerts", where I worked in the aura and chakras of the audience, while the pianist, seeing the colors of the energies flowing from my hands, "translated" these colors into the corresponding tones. The first concert took place in London during the "Alternative Medicine Exhibition".


Piano - Siniz Kim


Afterwards we met regularly somewhere else in the world to continue the collaboration in this form. Finely nine recordings were made, all aimed at healing and harmonizing a different level of human beings. There is no question here of composing, but of an extremely precise "translation work" from color to sound.This music is recommended for supporting one's own healing process and as an accompaniment to further spiritual development.


The sounds are also used by other therapists to support their own work. The music supports us to restore balance on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.


The pianist, an extraordinarily gifted clairvoyant, made an interesting discovery: in an interview with Belgian "New Age News", she said the following:


"The energies of the music connected with those of the crystals Elias worked with. I noticed that the energy was transformed by the crystals into a kind of cloud made up of billions of small, golden particles. These particles had their effect in the aura and chakras of those present. However, they also attached themselves to the magnetic trace of the mother cassette. When listening to the music, we absorb the energy of the music and that of the crystals. The audible crystalline sounds of the music confirm this.


Don't play the music loud, especially the 'Meditation & Healing' recording. As always, follow your intuition.



'Meditation and Healing' recording


This music was created with the cooperation of the meditation and healing group of the Phoenix Center in Brussels.

The first part helps to get faster and deeper into a meditative state, but also has a harmonizing effect in auras and chakras. The energy of this music can significantly increase the frequency of our vibration, allowing us to reach our center more quickly and therefore is ideal for accompanying the 'Field of Oneness Meditation' as it allows going quicker and deeper into a meditative state.



Learning to giving absent healing

The second part creates by its own power the basic form of a pyramid, which we complete by visualizing that form. The aim is to support distant healing. It is a perfect way to start giving healing to other people, without any risk of wrong doing. Always ask for help by the Spirit World, while doing this.

crystal-pyramid opt3

We always start meditating before actually giving healing. Then, we present ourselves to the Source as a channel for the cosmic healing energy, holding the palms of our hands in the direction of the pyramid and let the energy flow through us. From our heart chakra we send a beam of light to the corresponding chakras of those inside the pyramid and use our breathing to share Love and Light with them. We can also put a picture of a person in need for help in front of us, visualizing the surrounding pyramid.





'Violet Flame' recording.


This cleansing, very powerful music can be used in 2 ways:


a) To purify Aura and Chakras.

Visualize violet flames and breathe them in through your feet. In our minds we let the violet light cleanse every chakra and the subtle bodies. Then also the physical body. We can enlist the help of Archangel Zadkiel, Lady Amethyst, Saint Germain and Lady Portia, each of whom we invite to take a seat in a different corner of the room we are in. We can ask these light beings to transform anything that stands in the way of our further spiritual evolution. Of course, we must also be prepared to let go of the blockades.We conclude this meditation by enveloping ourselves in blue light, which softens the effect of the violet light.



(b) to transform negative energy in a room or in a house.


Active use: Meditate with the music. Invite again the 4 light beings, ask for their help and visualize that the violet flames digest all negativity in your home. Preferably do it room after room. But it can also be done in one go for the whole house. Repeat that from time to time to keep the house clean.


Passive use: just play the music, even during your absence.


This recording can also be played a bit louder.



Special offer: For your second step, 2 recordings in mp3 for 25$


Bonus: The 'Field of Oneness Meditation', three parts united and accompanied with the corresponding music.






Hi, Elias,

My finding of the first: 'Meditation & Healing' ...


 Contact with the heart, energy circulating around the head and later throat, contact with the source ...then connection lower chakra from heart, to stomach to deep in the earth....wider energy circles around the heart, from heart contact with source and spiraling back ........then vibrating energy from earth to source and back, relaxation of the jaws and pelvis ........( and then the fragment was finished). The other fragments I want to listen to/feel.


The first chakra healing cd (number 8) first brings balance in the aura before going to the chakras.


The second recording ( number 9 ) flows through each chakra, starting at the first chakra, up to and including the crown and back ( it feels like touching each chakra) ...then again each chakra up to the chakras above the crown and back to the chakras below the breech chakra.


When I listened to the second recording again immediately after, the connection went straight away to the crown and above it until I felt the connection to the source. (with the connection in my heart)

The music, the frequencies are doing their job, that's obvious.

Kind regards,


I use your CD's in my practice and it seems to me that miracles happen : people who let go of old pieces, have more energy and feel better....


The violet flame is very powerful. The whole body will be cleansed. This feels like heat and cold. Cure yourself. You see your own share better.


Your music's on here every day. We love those 9 CDs. They bring a nice vibration into the house.