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We create the world we choose ...



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... also through this 20-minute meditation.


We create our reality through our thoughts, our words, our emotions, our visualizations and actions.

In view of the plan to soon roll out 5G, we choose a world without dangerous radiation.

We do this together, including from the U.S., Canada, the U.K. , Malaysia, and France, from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Denmark and Thailand.





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I asked the Spiritual World how they see this meditation:


“ That's certainly very positive.  This meditation to prevent dangerous radiation, regardless of the number of people participating,

always leads to something very positive. Results work through in the long run. Other groups will also meditate on this theme

or for the preservation of harmony on earth.



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The universe mainly asks for gratitude. Very important in the beginning of meditation:

dwelling on gratitude, so that we can accept everything better, grateful for everything the earth has given us so far.

This should be the introduction of the meditation and will make the meditation more powerful".






Write on a sheet of paper (makes everything even more powerful):


"Dear Father Mother God. I'm thankful for everything we have and everything we don't have.


My intention is that every inhabitant of this planet will live in a harmonious world,

without dangerous pollution and radiation.


I do not fight, I do not condemn, but always stay in my center and send Love and Light to all those

who are blinded by their ego, trying to realize their dangerous projects for money and power".



Next: Visualize an unspoiled nature, full of bees, birds, animals and people who respect, help and complement each other.


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At the end of the visualization we place everything in God's Hand:


"Not my will, but thy will be done."

Dear friends, please forward this message to as many people as possible

and / or also on Facebook, Twitter etc .

Together we change this world!





For people in other time zones: you can do the meditation


on December 22nd at any time


with the intention of plugging you in


worldwide mediation group